GOMTI is the center of excellence for maritime education, GOMTI’s mission is to be the GLOBAL center of excellence in maritime and oceans education, professional training and research while building global capacity and promoting sustainable development.

GOMTI offers a unique educational program, undertakes wide-ranging research in maritime and environmental studies, and continues maritime capacity building. Working closely with our stakeholders, the maritime industry, national maritime administrations, and NGOs.

GOMTI is committed to:

  • Help build a more environmentally sensitive and sustainable world through education and research in the maritime sector

  •  Educate future global maritime leaders

  •  Contribute to maritime capacity building and the development of effective policies of equal opportunity for the global maritime community

  •  Provide an global focus and forum for networking and collaboration on critical issues and developments in maritime transportation worldwide

GOMTI bases its work around nine core values:

  • Leadership - Serve as global maritime leaders in education and research

  • Integrity - Act equitably, impartially, and fairly in all actions respective of Color, Cast and Creed

  • Respect - Behave professionally and earn respect of others, both within and outside the organization

  • Collaboration - Develop and maintain effective working relationships and strong partnerships at all levels

  • Innovation - Treat problem solving and work tasks genuinly

  • Transparency - Encourage open communication and provide access to maritime information

  • Accountability - Promote greater accountability

  • Efficiency - Strive for timely, cost-effective, and accurate results

  • Compliance - Ensure that policies are implemented and adhered to in accordance to IMO, International and Nationa Regulations.

  • Sustainability - Aim for sustainable development goals for the maritime transport the Eco Friendly Marine environment sectors as well as sustainability-oriented actions by GOMTI.

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